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Asphalt Shingles are the most popular in roof materials as for its affordability and the contemporary design.

There are many choices available, from the type of metal to the color and the format (tile, shingle, panel, ribbed) therefore, one of the most visually appealing options.

You will always find the right color and texture options to find the style that complements your home.

There are many reasons that metal roofs are becoming more popular. One of the biggest draws is the fact that metal roofs require little maintenance. They can also be installed over existing roofs, can last for 40 to over 100 years, are very durable, are more energy efficient, will not be affected by termites, rot, or mildew, and are recyclable.

For these reasons, metal roof installations are increasing by about 3% each year.



Our specialist will advise you with the best option that suits your property location and environment.

We take in all factors to begin and plan to last for long time with less maintenance. We will also make sure we meet your budget!! We will make it right from the start.

Image by charles Lebegue

New Zealand has the most unpredictable weather,

we know everyone worry about how this extreme weather can affect the roof. Leave it to our specialist, our team will help you make the right decision

We can total manage your entire project.
From land development to building the house, start to completion.


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